FUSE Business Intelligence for Fund Boards (BI4FB) is the source for industry news, trends, and data for independent fund directors. BI4FB delivers insights into issues such as pricing trends, product line marketability, distribution effectiveness, M&A implications and much more, all curated with independent board members in mind.

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Board Benchmarking Series

Providing a highly refined and distinctive quantitative view into aspects of fund board structure, composition, and independent trustee compensation – offering details not available in other trustee data surveys.
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Asset Manager Profitability Analysis

A timely snapshot of the financial results of publicly held asset managers, offering a valuable benchmark to assess the reasonableness of advisory profits, and a basis for asset manager comparisons over time
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Monthly Assets & Sales Highlights

Net flows and AUM estimates by broad asset classes, Morningstar categories, top-selling categories, funds, and fund complexes.
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Industry Research Briefs

Your source for in-depth analyses of market-driven events and topics gathered from the FUSE Network.
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Industry Trends Spotlight

Each quarter, FUSE delivers a review of issues related to Manager Profitability, Product Innovation, Active/Passive Trends, and other catalysts impacting fund oversight and governance.
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Management Company Insights

Revealing today’s impactful trends based on asset manager surveys created to help optimize the sales, marketing, product, and national accounts functions.

Advisor Insights

Insights gleaned from financial advisors as they respond to critical industry issues and share their expectations of investment managers.

Industry Headlines

Topical press links related to innovation, initiatives, and changes impacting the industry and fund oversight.
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Market Data and Quantitative Reports

A spectrum of quantitatively-focused market intelligence and data reports covering specific topics and themes (e.g., Sub-Advisory, ESG, ETFs, Closed End Funds, etc.).