Fund board candidate referral is an activity that arises through our normal business activities, offered as a value add to FUSE’s network of fund board and fund governance professionals. While we make every effort to refer candidates for opportunities that we become aware of, there is no guarantee that your qualifications will match those being sought or that you will receive an offer to join a fund board as a result of these referrals.

  • Make sure your resume includes contact information.
  • Include anything relevant to the consideration of you as a fund board director in your resume. This may include information such as your date of birth, and diversity and inclusion information.
  • Beyond FUSE providing your information, we are not involved in the hiring process.
  • FUSE will not inform you when being referred. Upon consideration, the board or its representative will contact you directly.
  • If you have an updated resume or would like to withdraw your information, reach out to someone at FUSE directly or through this page.
Max. file size: 125 MB.