15(C) Reporting

Established in 2010, the FUSE 15(c) practice has grown to serve dozens of fund families and their boards. The team building our 15(c) reports possesses decades of industry experience that spans all facets of the business including product, investments, research, distribution and fund board support. This level of insight and understanding exceeds staff at other 15(c) providers and results in a more informed peer selection process, leading to better decisions and fiduciary oversight.

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Business Intelligence for Fund Boards

FUSE Business Intelligence for Fund Boards (BI4FB) is the source for industry news, trends, and data for independent fund directors. BI4FB delivers insights into issues such as pricing trends, product line marketability, distribution effectiveness, M&A implications and much more, all curated with independent board members in mind.

Projects and Consulting

FUSE utilizes a collaborative process throughout our engagements, from project scoping to the final deliverable/presentation. Our decades of experience working with fund boards as well as helping asset managers make better, more informed decisions ensure that our analysis and insights have a tangible impact on the oversight responsibilities of independent directors.

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Board Presentations

Leverage FUSE’s decades of collective experience with an industry trends presentation. Content will be customized to your Board’s priorities, with candid and objective commentary.